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“ I’d rather earn 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts”
J. Paul Getty
Billionaire Businessman

The choice is yours:
1% of 100
(You + 100 x 24 hours)
100 % of 1
(You + 24 hours)



Compare Traditional Business to Affiliate Marketing Business and see for yourself these advantages:

Other Business Other Business Affiliate Marketing

1. Huge / Big Capital
2. More $$$ for inventories
3. Financial Risk
4. Employees Problems
5. Monthly Salaries:
6. Monthly Rentals:
7. Office Furniture and Utilities
8. Advertising :
9. Promotion
10. Cash Flow Problems
11. Supplier Problems
12. Special Skills Requirements
13. Lots of Paperwork
14. Long Fixed Hours
15. 60 hours or more a week
16. Difficult to go for holidays
17. Difficult to duplicate the business
18. Difficult to transfer the business
19. Little time for yourself and family
20. Very difficult to enter international market

Low or No Capital
No Supplier Problems
No Special Skills Requirements
Minimal Paperwork
Flexible Hours
Flexible Hours
Easy to go for holidays
Easy to duplicate the business
Easy to transfer the business
More time for yourself and family
Ready platform to build a Global network

What is our Business About ?

Wikiglobal works on the basis of Referral Sales and shared profits.
Basically what it means is that if you like 2 things i.e
1. The Product
2. The Business Opportunity

Refer the same to your Circle of Influence

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