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3G_WIKI_Droid_4.0_pic1Join the WIKI revolution, using two SIM cards in one phone saves you money by merging the numbers from two network carriers or a contract and a prepaid SIM. You can use local pre-paid cards on your business trip overseas and manage multiple SIM cards without carrying multiple phones. Dual SIM mobile phones are perfect for global travelers or persons who want a more concrete distinction between their private and business calls.

Besides the obvious… You can forward your virtual office extension to one SIM (number) so your work and private calls are isolated in the same handset.

Incredible savings for international travelers by combining roaming in one SIM so there is no break in communication and a local prepaid SIM card in second SIM in foreign destination.

You can use one SIM (number) for your Bluetooth enabled car GPS when driving while second SIM (number) is allowed to ring on handset for private calls especially if you got people in your car.

You can further distinguish and relegate social or non-business calls to one SIM (number) even if they come in the guise of “Private” or "Unknown” caller.

Use the best network call plan day or night without the inconvenience of juggling SIM cards or switching SIM cards back and forth.

You can use your pre-paid SIM card and post-paid (contract) SIM card simultaneously in one handset

You don't need to switch SIM cards or purchase a new handset when you travel abroad

You are never out of touch, simply activate roaming on your prepaid or contract SIM card when you are traveling abroad. But don't forget to get a prepaid SIM card for SIM 2 at your destination

Works on all GSM networks worldwide including the United States

You are instantly at home on any continent in any country because when you arrive in a different country you can get a local pre-paid SIM card and use alongside your SIM card from home country in the same handset!

Excellent for business people, executives, yuppies, travelers, global citizens, pretty much anyone that uses 2 SIM cards


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