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We hate spam and are fully aware of how irritating it can be when our own contact details are misused. We will therefore make every effort to adhere to the following as our guiding principles:-

* We will respect all personal contact details as though they were our own.
* We will make every effort to store all contact details safely and securely to minimise the risk of them being exposed.
* We will never sell your contact details to any 3rd party.
* We do not like sending emails or text messages without the prior consent of recipients hence, we will always attempt to let the recipient know the source of our email and/or text message communication.
* We will keep our electronic communication to a minimum.
* We will store the contact details of all referees. We will not send repeat, electronic communications to referees who may be referred to us more than once, within any given month period. We will also advise the referrer in this regard.
* We believe in permission-based marketing hence, we will always provide you with an option to opt out of receiving any marketing material.

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